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Admins, Moderator and are they?

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Admins, Moderator and are they?

Post by DaddyAshuu on Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:18 am

Hey All..

Ok..let me break it down this way:

Admins and Moderators for Web Site: Order of Rank.. Blue color


Mods are: green


The Admins as you know thier job is to watch over the clan and make sure the clans rules and procedures are being upheld. Admins also do the disciplinary stuff. We also work on issues if theres problems between others in the clan and outside the clans. We consult with each other to make sure we are all working to make this clan better. We have an Administration responsiblility lists that maybe if all the admin agree with I can bring it out and show you guys what each of us as admins responsibility are. Well..heres a short one about me and spark..

We added Spark as admin he is the Clan War Specialist his duty is to conduct and run CW's...
DaddyAshuu is the "Communications" job is to have communications open to all the menbers and control the forum.

We have decided to add two "Mods" (green color)

These are some ideas that were starting to run with as school started and it seems like more people will be visiting the board more often we can get more good ideas rolling.

Please do not ask for mod powers right we will need to "feel" out these new people and to see if they can fullfill there spots to our satisfaction.

I hope you guys welcome our new mods with open hands and listen to them and help them out..




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